Why FLOHOM is Perfect for Remote Workers Seeking a Change of Scenery

Introduction The remote work trend has been on the rise, with more people than ever embracing the flexibility and freedom that comes with working from home. But, let’s face it – the home office can get a bit monotonous. Enter FLOHOM, a unique and refreshing alternative to traditional work-from-home settings. Not only do we offer … Read more

FLOHOM Voyager Guide: Baltimore

FLOHOM 1 | Bay Escape at Inner Harbor Marina Chart a course to the perfect vacation with our comprehensive guide. Baltimore is a wonderfully vibrant city packed with all kinds of entertainment. With an abundance of water views, plenty of green parks, a renowned nightlife and a neighborly atmosphere, you’ll quickly see why it’s nicknamed … Read more

FLOHOM Voyager Guide: Annapolis

Navigate your stay like a local with our comprehensive guide. Annapolis may be small, but it’s a bustling Capital city with a bounty of options for food, drinks, and adventure. This FLOHOM Voyager Guide is your key to unlocking the perfect stay, with none of the guesswork. EAT Feeling hungry? Annapolis is home to some … Read more

History of Floating Homes & Houseboats

Introduction There’s been a bit of buzz about floating homes recently, with some experts even suggesting that floating communities may be an answer to displacement due to climate change. As an interest in floating homes and houseboats continues to rise, you may be wondering where the lifestyle began. It turns out that marine dwellings have had a developing history … Read more

Floating Homes and Houseboats: What’s the Difference?

Much of our society’s frame of reference for life aboard a floating home comes from the classic 90’s rom-com, Sleepless in Seattle. In the movie, Tom Hanks’ main character resides in a charming waterside home that we have been culturally referring to as a “houseboat” for decades now. We really hate to split hairs about one … Read more

Remarkable Floating Home Communities Around the World

While the conversations about floating homes and houseboats might feel new, they have a very rich history. There’s hundreds of floating communities all over the world, and some of them have origins that date back thousands of years! Right here in the United States and elsewhere on the North American continent are many notable floating … Read more

FLOHOM Brand Creation Story

To create the FLOHOM brand, we turned to the experts at Longitudeº – a hospitality branding and experience design agency based out of Springfield, Missouri. We felt comfortable that our brand development would be safe in their hands, and witnessing their process has only left us even more assured that we made the right choice.  … Read more