FLOHOM Voyager Guide: Annapolis

Navigate your stay like a local with our comprehensive guide.

Annapolis may be small, but it’s a bustling Capital city with a bounty of options for food, drinks, and adventure. This FLOHOM Voyager Guide is your key to unlocking the perfect stay, with none of the guesswork.


Feeling hungry? Annapolis is home to some of the tastiest restaurants on the East Coast. We put you ahead of schedule by helping you plan your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Whether you’re looking for something with a water view, or help honing in on the best scoop of ice cream, we’ve got you covered.

Parley Room - Image courtesy of the Baltimore Sun


Because we all love being by the water with a drink in hand, we’ve rounded up the best local spots to enjoy a beverage in Annapolis. Don’t worry about choosing between the dozens of options downtown alone— your FLOHOM voyager guide has it all.

Image courtesy of Capital SUP


There’s a reason why Annapolis sees tourists all year round, with so much to do and such beautiful surroundings to enjoy yourself in. Of course water-centric activities are our top vote, but we also have you covered for a rainy day. Maybe you’d like to attend one of Annapolis’ world-class events? Or discover your new favorite sunset spot.

Because we know life happens, we went ahead and put together a list of essentials for you as well.

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