FLOHOM Voyager Guide: Baltimore

FLOHOM 1 | Bay Escape at Inner Harbor Marina

Chart a course to the perfect vacation with our comprehensive guide.

Baltimore is a wonderfully vibrant city packed with all kinds of entertainment. With an abundance of water views, plenty of green parks, a renowned nightlife and a neighborly atmosphere, you’ll quickly see why it’s nicknamed “Charm City”. For the inside track and what to do and where, look no further than your FLOHOM Voyager’s Guide.


The bounties of the Chesapeake Bay combined with the tapestry of cultural influences creates a thriving food scene in Baltimore. Start your day with breakfast at one of the city’s many lovable diners, then have lunch at one of our favorite spots. Check back when you’re ready for dinner, and be sure to have a look at our top-picks for dining with a water view. Need to satisfy a sweet tooth? We’ve mapped out the best ice cream the city has to offer.


Baltimore’s history is tied to brewing. It’s the birthplace of the bottle cap and has long been famous for their beloved National Bohemian beer (more commonly referred to as Natty Boh). Today, it has a booming craft beer business with micro breweries all over the city.


If you’re looking for fun, Baltimore has a plethora of activities for the whole family all year-round. Attend one of the many events the city is known for, or see a live music show at a world-class venue. If the weather turns, we have you covered for a rainy day. And since we know you’ll be wanting to spend time on the water, this guide also has our favorite aquatic adventure options as well.

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