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Diving Deeper

We are in awe of the transformative nature of water; just as it has the ability to carve rocks and shape the world, it has the power to change us, too. Water can be restorative and recalibrating, calling us back to the equilibrium it will always find. At the heart of FLOHOM is the mission to make waterfront living accessible, sustainable, and affordable.

The cross country network we’re creating of floating suites puts the power to plan a destination getaway (or blissful staycation) right at your fingertips. Combining the thrill of the great outdoors with high-end luxury living, FLOHOM provides an immersive experience unlike any ordinary stay.

We want this to be a place where you can unplug, find your peace, and fill your cup. 360º views of breathtaking sunrises and sunsets are complemented by access to private yoga, meditation, and massage sessions that come right to you. And because we know how often many of us have to take our work on the go, our suites are complete with indoor and outdoor workspaces that give you a chance to catch up on business while bathing in the beautiful views.

This is the type of living that we think everyone deserves — without breaking the bank.

The concept of FLOHOM was the perfect merging of our core values as well as our own desires. Our interest began as a Veteran & Minority-owned business built by people who are both sustainably-minded and personally transformed by the water, whether through activities on it or a life in proximity to it. We truly believe in the healing property of being in nature, and find water to be a particularly soothing conduit for tranquility.


Thinking of an alternative way to live on the water more permanently, FLOHOM’s founding team stumbled upon the idea of a houseboat. A little more research revealed the many challenges and roadblocks people have historically faced here in the US when purchasing houseboats and floating homes. At the same time, they saw the way floating homes were becoming more popular in areas that were increasingly threatened by flooding and rising water levels, just as they’d been utilized for centuries in places like Amsterdam and Cambodia.


Tying the threads together, they wondered what it would look like to provide people an extraordinary stay while bringing attention to a revolutionary lifestyle that promotes a life more integrated with the natural world. And so, FLOHOM was born.


The new era of sustainable living that’s as practical as it is visually stunning is here, and with the touch of a button on your smartphone, we’ve put you at the helm. Welcome aboard.

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