A Scoop of Charm City: Best Ice Cream in Baltimore

Relive the joy of carefree sunny days with our guide to the best ice cream in Baltimore. Discover FLOHOM’s top picks of ice cream parlors to satisfy your sweet cravings with the city’s most delectable and refreshing frozen treats.  



Experience a burst of flavor at BMORE LICKS, a go-to destination for ice cream lovers in Baltimore. Known for their homemade soft-serve and creative flavor combinations, this family-owned parlor offers a rotating menu of mouthwatering ice cream, sundaes, and outrageous shakes that cater to every sweet tooth. With its cheerful atmosphere, retro aesthetics, and unbeatable scoops, BMORE LICKS serves up an unforgettable ice cream experience that truly encapsulates the charm of Baltimore.

Favorite Flavor: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

2.Moo Moo Cows

Indulge in the delightfully creamy offerings at Moo Moo Cows, a beloved ice cream spot in Baltimore. From classic vanilla and chocolate to unique flavors like honey lavender and Thai tea, Moo Moo Cows specializes in handcrafted, locally-sourced ice cream that delivers on both quality and taste. With its quaint charm, friendly service, and innovative menu, Moo Moo Cows offers a sweet escape that embodies the simple pleasure of enjoying a scoop of superb ice cream.

Favorite Flavor: Moo Moo Cookies

3.Taharka Brothers Ice Cream

Treat yourself to Taharka Brothers Ice Cream in Baltimore, a socially-conscious creamery renowned for its delectable flavors and commitment to community empowerment. By using ice cream as a tool for change, Taharka Brothers offers a diverse menu of artisanal flavors, ranging from classics like vanilla and chocolate to inventive options such as honey graham and key lime pie. With every creamy, dreamy scoop, Taharka Brothers delivers not just extraordinary ice cream, but also a taste of the positive impact they’re making in the Baltimore community. 

Favorite Flavor: Honey Graham

4.Pitango Gelato

Discover a slice of Italy in Baltimore at Pitango Gelato, an authentic gelateria known for its commitment to fresh, organic ingredients and traditional artisan methods. Offering a decadent array of gelato and sorbet flavors, Pitango serves up Italian favorites such as Stracciatella and Pistachio, alongside innovative options like Cardamom and Black Tea. With its silky-smooth texture, intense flavors, and commitment to quality, Pitango Gelato is a must-visit for anyone seeking an authentic and memorable Italian ice cream experience in Baltimore. 

Favorite Flavor: Pistachio

5. Cajou Creamery

Experience a world of dairy-free deliciousness at Cajou Creamery in Baltimore, a pioneering ice cream shop specializing in vegan and plant-based delights. Their artisanal flavors that promise to surprise and satisfy both vegan and non-vegans alike. With its commitment to sustainable practices, innovative flavors, and creamy, indulgent textures, Cajou Creamery proves that dairy-free ice cream can be just as delicious and decadent as its traditional counterpart.  

Favorite Flavor: Mexican Cacao

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