Party in the Streets: Baltimore’s Top Outdoor Festivals and Events

Experience the vibrant culture with Baltimore’s festivals and events throughout the year. Whether you’re visiting during holidays or on a summer vacation, our guide showcases an array of seasonal activities that capture the city’s dynamic lifestyle.

Kinetic Sculpture Race
Kinetic Sculpture Race

1.Reggae Rise Up Music Festival

Dive into a world of reggae at the Reggae Rise Up Music Festival in Baltimore, a spirited event celebrating the influence and diversity of reggae music and culture. Featuring an array of internationally-acclaimed artists and emerging talents, this festival provides a harmonious blend of pulsating music, art, food, and a vibrant community spirit. Set against the backdrop of Baltimore’s dynamic cityscape, Reggae Rise Up offers an immersive experience that goes beyond music, fostering unity and positivity in a truly authentic way.

2. Opening Day at Camden Yards

Feel the exhilaration of Opening Day at Camden Yards, an iconic event that marks the beginning of the Baltimore Orioles’ baseball season. As one of the most highly anticipated events in Baltimore, Opening Day is not just a game, but a city-wide celebration that brings together fans from all walks of life in a sea of orange and black. The festive atmosphere, coupled with the historic charm of Camden Yards, makes Opening Day an unforgettable experience and a quintessential part of Baltimore’s vibrant sports culture. 

3.Kinetic Sculpture Race

Experience creativity in motion at the Kinetic Sculpture Race in Baltimore, a quirky, annual event that brings together art, engineering, and hilarity in a race like no other. Entrants navigate their homemade, human-powered kinetic sculptures over land, mud, sand, and water, providing a spectacle of ingenuity and humor for spectators. This fun-filled, all-day event embodies the whimsical spirit of Baltimore and offers an unforgettable showcase of creativity and community camaraderie. 

4.The Preakness Stakes

Experience the thrill of thoroughbred racing at The Preakness Stakes, one of the oldest and most prestigious events in American horse racing, held annually in Baltimore. As the second jewel in the Triple Crown, The Preakness is more than just a race, it’s a city-wide celebration featuring world-class horse racing, stylish fashion, and live music. Whether you’re a racing enthusiast or a first-time visitor, the exhilarating atmosphere of The Preakness Stakes at Pimlico Race Course offers an unforgettable taste of Baltimore’s rich sporting tradition. 

5.Hon Fest

Immerse yourself in a celebration of all things Baltimore at Hon Fest, a unique city festival that pays homage to the city’s working-class roots. The festival is renowned for its lively atmosphere, complete with beehive hairdos, cat-eye glasses, and other retro fashions that harken back to the 1960s Bawlmer culture. Hon Fest encapsulates the warmth, eccentricity, and charm of Baltimore, offering a day of local music, delicious food, and community fun that truly lives up to its motto, “Hon, you’re in Baltimore now!” 

6.Baltimore Pride

Step into a vibrant celebration of love and acceptance at Baltimore Pride, one of the oldest and largest LGBTQ+ festivals on the East Coast. This week-long celebration features a diverse lineup of events, including a high-energy parade, block party, and an array of performances that embody the spirit of the LGBTQ+ community. With its inclusive atmosphere and lively events, Baltimore Pride not only champions diversity but also reflects the city’s rich tapestry of cultures, making it a highlight of Baltimore’s annual event calendar. 


Experience the creative heartbeat of the city at Artscape, Baltimore’s premier free arts festival and the largest of its kind in America. This vibrant event transforms the city’s streets into an expansive outdoor gallery, showcasing an eclectic mix of visual arts, performances, crafts, and food from hundreds of artists and performers. Whether you’re an art enthusiast or casual observer, Artscape offers a unique platform to celebrate creativity, innovation, and the enduring spirit of Baltimore’s thriving artistic community.

8. Miracle on 34th Street

Immerse yourself in a magical holiday tradition with Miracle on 34th Street, a dazzling display of Christmas lights and decorations that transforms Baltimore’s Hampden neighborhood into a winter wonderland. For over seven decades, this block-long spectacle has drawn visitors from hear and far to witness the festive charm, featuring row houses adorned with thousands of twinkling lights, whimsical ornaments, and a unique Baltimore flair. With its radiant displays and warm community spirit, Miracle on 34th Street is a must-see event that celebrates the joy and wonder of the holiday season in true Baltimore style. 

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