Baltimore on Tap: Discover the City’s Premier Craft Breweries

Discover the vibrant beer scene in Baltimore, the birthplace of the beer cap and home to a thriving craft brewery revival. Explore the city’s rich brewing heritage and taste innovative brews at the best Baltimore craft breweries. Join us as we navigate the city’s brew map and celebrate the distinct flavors and creativity of Baltimore’s brewery landscape. 

Mobtown Brewing
Mobtown Brewing

1.Checkerspot Brewing Company

Uncover the charm of craft beer at Checkerspot Brewing Company, a locally-beloved brewery known for its eclectic brews and welcoming atmosphere. Named after the official state butterfly of Maryland, Checkerspot pays homage to local culture by crafting beers with locally-sourced, unique ingredients that embody the spirit of Baltimore. From its crowd-pleasing ales to adventurous speciality beers, Checkerspot Brewing Company delivers a brewing experience that captures that heart and palate of every beer enthusiast.  

Favorite Beer: Sabro Cobra

2. Diamondback Brewing Company

Delve into the craft beer scene at Diamondback Brewing Company, a contemporary brewery renowned for its balanced, flavorful brews and innovative brewing techniques. Diamondback embodies a spirit of friendship and creativity in every pint, offering a rotating selection of beers that caters to both casual drinkers and beer aficionados alike. With its stylish taproom, friendly staff, and consistently exceptional brews, Diamondback Brewing Company has become a pivotal stop on Baltimore’s craft beer trail.

Favorite Beer: Amazonia

3. Mobtown Brewing

Experience a genuine taste of Baltimore’s craft beer scene at Mobtown Brewing, a community-focused brewery celebrated for its wide range of flavorful, high-quality brews. Nestled in the historic Brewers Hill neighborhood, Mobtown Brewing captures the city’s unique character by crafting inventive beers that reflect Baltimore’s diverse palate. With its welcoming taproom, knowledgeable staff, and an ever-changing roster of beers, Mobtown Brewing stands as a testament to Baltimore’s vibrant brewing culture. 

Favorite Beer: Natty Dough

4.Monument City Brewing Company

Discover the essence of craft beer at Monument City Brewing Company, a family-owned brewery dedicated to creating exceptional, approachable beers. Their innovative yet respect-for-tradition approach results in a broad selection of brews that range from traditional favorites to exciting seasonal offerings. Housed in a historic industrial building, Monument City combines Baltimore’s rich history with a modern touch, providing a warm, inviting space to sample their high-quality beers and share in their passion for the craft. 

Favorite Beer: Double Vision

5. Union Craft Brewing

Located within the Union Collective business hub in the Medfield neighborhood of Baltimore, Union Craft Brewing is a pioneer in the city’s brewing renaissance renowned for its distinctive, top-quality brews. With a deep commitment to community and craftsmanship, Union offers a diverse selection of craft beers that epitomizes the city’s character and charm. From its spacious, vibrant taproom to the unique brewery tours, Union Craft Brewing offers an immersive journey into the art of brewing, making it must-visit destination for any beer enthusiast. 

Favorite Beer: Duckpin Pale Ale

6. City Brew Tours Baltimore

For those feeling a bit overwhelmed by the myriad of options or simply unsure of where to kick off their beer journey, City Brew Tours is the perfect solution. As your beer-savvy guides, they take you on a curated tour of multiple craft breweries, showcasing not only the exquisite brews but also the stories and passion behind each pint. With City Brew Tours, you’re not just sampling beer; you’re diving deep into a rich tapestry of flavor, history, and local pride. Cheers to discovering Baltimore’s finest, one brewery at a time! 

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