The Best Locations for Sunrise and Sunset in Annapolis

Incorporating a sun ritual into your day is a powerful way to set intentions and let go of stress. While you’re staying at FLOHOM, you’ll notice that the idyllic landscape of the Chesapeake Bay provides a stunning backdrop for watching the sun rise or set. Your FLOHOM is by far the best place to relax and fully absorb nature’s greatest show in solitude or with friends, but we understand that you might want to switch it up. Here’s our suggestions for the best sunrise and sunset viewing locations in Annapolis.


1. Susan Campbell Park / Annapolis City Dock

The Susan Campbell Park at the northeastern tip of City Dock is a perfect spot for watching the sunrise over downtown Annapolis. During the spring and summer months, the vantage point is perfect for watching the sun illuminate Greenbury Point just across the water before drenching the moored sailboats in light.

Dock St
Open 24hrs

2. Sandy Point State Park

Get your toes in the sand at this 786-acre park and feel the heat of the sun as it rises over the eastern shore. We love this location for its unparalleled view of the iconic Chesapeake Bay Bridge, perfectly lit up by the rising sun. (Admission to the park is $4-5.)

1100 E College Pkwy
Open year round: 7a-dusk


1. Spa Creek Drawbridge

Locals know this is the go-to spot to take in the sunset over downtown Annapolis. Watch the brilliant red and orange hues bathe the beautiful waterfront homes, historic buildings, and diverse array of boats lining historic Spa Creek.

Compromise St (between Annapolis and Eastport)

2. Boat Cruise on the Bay

 For an experience that is quintessentially Annapolitan, you’ll want to watch the sunset from a chartered boat. Leave all your troubles on the shore and feel relaxation wash over you as the sunset soaks the city and waters in a fiery glow. We recommend Schooner Woodwind for a public cruise with other people, and Non Sea-Quitter Sailing Tours for a more intimate, private trip.

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